Exploring the Best Plot Deals in Shanti Nagar Siliguri

Property Details

Total Area: 2160 sqft

Expected Price: 3700000/-

Road: 10 ft


Are you dreaming of a peaceful and serene lifestyle in the picturesque city of Siliguri? If you are searching for an opportunity to invest in tranquil living, we have the perfect option for you! Shanti Nagar in Siliguri presents an exclusive chance to purchase a three-cottah (2160 sq. ft) wide front residential plot. This south-facing plot offers a perfect blend of convenience and tranquillity, all at an incredible price of ₹37 lacs. Situated just minutes away from prominent landmarks such as Dabgram Polytechnic College, NJP railway station, and the indoor stadium, Shanti Nagar is the ideal destination for those seeking a serene living experience in Siliguri.

Best plot deals in Shanti Nagar Siliguri

Shanti Nagar Siliguri’s plot deals with A comprehensive exploration

Serene and Peaceful Living>

In a bustling city like Siliguri, finding a serene and peaceful living environment can be a challenge. However, Shanti Nagar stands out as an oasis of tranquillity. Away from the noise and chaos of the city, residents can experience a sense of calm and relaxation while still enjoying easy access to essential amenities. Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or invest in a property, this residential plot offers the perfect setting for a tranquil lifestyle.

Plot deals in Shanti Nagar Siliguri

Discovering the Gems of Shanti Nagar


Shanti Nagar’s prime location is undoubtedly one of its most attractive features. Situated just 9 minutes away from Dabgram Polytechnic College, this residential plot is ideal for students and academics seeking a convenient living space. For those who frequently travel by train, the NJP railway station is just a 10-minute drive away, ensuring seamless connectivity to other parts of Siliguri and beyond. Additionally, the indoor stadium, located just 6 minutes away, provides ample opportunities for sports enthusiasts to indulge in their favourite activities.

Best land deals Siliguri

Wide Front and Spacious Layout>

The three-cottah plot with a 42 ft front and 52 ft length offers ample space for building a spacious and comfortable home. This expansive layout provides flexibility in design, allowing you to customize your home according to your preferences and needs. Whether you envision a sprawling garden, a modern villa, or a cozy cottage, this plot caters to all your architectural aspirations.

Land in Shanti Nagar Siliguri

Shanti Nagar plot offers

South-Facing Orientation>

The south-facing orientation of the plot is another advantage that cannot be overlooked. South-facing properties receive ample sunlight throughout the day, ensuring natural warmth and brightness inside the home. Additionally, this orientation is considered auspicious according to Vastu Shastra, making it an attractive feature for those who believe in Vastu principles.

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Incredible Price>

Considering the prime location, spacious layout, and south-facing orientation, the price of ₹37 lacs for this residential plot in Shanti Nagar is truly a steal. Comparable properties in other areas of Siliguri may demand much higher prices, making this opportunity even more attractive for those seeking value for their investment.

Uncovering the best plot deals in Shanti Nagar, Siliguri


Siliguri, with its natural beauty and strategic location, has become a sought-after destination for peaceful living. Shanti Nagar stands out as a hidden gem in the city, offering a three-cottah wide-front residential plot with a south-facing orientation at an incredible price. With its proximity to key landmarks, the convenience it offers is unmatched. Whether you’re planning to build your dream home or make a smart investment, this plot in Shanti Nagar is an opportunity not to be missed.

If tranquil living in Siliguri is your dream, seize this opportunity to secure your place in Shanti Nagar and embrace a life of peace, comfort, and convenience in the heart of Siliguri. Don’t hesitate; make your move today!


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